UCCRN Co-Director, Cynthia Rosenzweig one of ‘Three People Leading the Green Movement in New York City’

by | December 17, 2013
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“A pioneer in the study of climate change and agriculture, Dr. Rosenzweig is on the forefront of combatting climate change in New York City and currently co-chairs the New York City Panel on Climate Change – a group of scientists and other experts convened by current mayor Mike Bloomberg to advise him on climate change adaptation and help New York City prepare for a safer future.”

“Dedicated to help protect cities and develop sustainable infrastructure that can help the world’s urban centers adapt to changing weather patterns and conditions, Dr. Rosenzweig also co-chairs to Urban Climate Change Research Network and edits an academic journal that encourages academic scholarship on urban preparedness and climate change mitigation.”

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Three People Leading The Green Movement In New York City

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