Eight ARC3 Chapters Cited in IPCC AR5 WGII

by | April 2, 2014
Category: News

The newly released draft from the IPCC Working Group II AR5 “Urban Areas” chapter references eight of the chapters from the First UCCRN Assessment Report on Climate Change and Cities (ARC3), in addition to the complete report itself.

The chapters from the ARC3 report that are cited are Barata et al. 2011, (Public Health), Blake et al. 2011, (Urban Climate), Blanco et al., 2011, (Land Use), Hammer et al., 2011 (Energy), Major et al., 2011, (Water and Wastewater), McCarney et al., 2011,  (Governance), Mehrotra et al., 2011a (Risk Framework), and Mehrotra et al., 2011b (Transportation).

In addition to these chapters form the ARC3 report, publications by members of the UCCRN editorial team and other UCCRN participants are also referenced in the chapter.

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