UCCRN participates in Paris Policy Forum on Urban Green Growth in Dynamic Asia at the OECD Conference Centre in Paris

by | June 10, 2014
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oecd_03UCCRN participated in the Paris Policy Forum, which is an international event part of the OECD project Urban Green Growth in Dynamic Asia under the Green Cities Program. Topics of discussion included: sustainable land use, water and waste management, and green goods and services. The goal of the forum was to develop effective ways to achieve green growth in fast-growing Asian cities.

Dynamic Asia refers to a range of countries or cities mainly located in Southeast, East, and South Asia that are experiencing rapid urbanization coupled with economic growth. The increase in urbanization brings about challenges and opportunities at an unprecedented scale. Decisions on urban form and infrastructure will heavily influence economic performance as well as environmental impact.

The forum was organized around four sessions, each of which focused on the areas of opportunities that the conceptual framework identified: 1)  housing 2) land use and transport 3) water and waste management; and 4) green goods and services.  Participants included leaders  from national governments in OECD countries and dynamic Asia, cities and city networks in dynamic Asia, institutions for development cooperation, and experts on green cities.

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