Nature’s 10: Nature magazine names Cynthia Rosenzweig in “Ten people who mattered this year”

by | July 15, 2014
Category: In the Press

UCCRN’s Cynthia Rosenzweig was named one of “Nature’s 10” for her work that has led New York City to incorporate climate-change adaptation and resilience into its long-t

Jeff Tollefson describes Dr. Rosenzweig’s background and her initial motivation to study agriculture at the highest level:erm planning initiatives.

“Rosenzweig’s path to urban protector started in the fields of Tuscany, Italy, in 1969. She had left university in California to rent a small farm with her future husband, where they learned to pick grapes and olives and raise goats, pigs, ducks and geese. Eventually, she decided it was time to go back to university to study agriculture. While pursuing a master’s degree at Rutgers University in New Jersey, she found her way to a job at NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) in New York, analyzing satellite data on croplands.”

Dr. Rosenzweig is optimistic about future adaptations even though the projections will put cities to the test. She emphasizes a range of initiatives from increasing redundancy in the electric grid to sealing off tunnels and making coastal areas more resilient to flooding.

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