UCCRN Partners Present at 2015 European Climate Change Adaptation Conference

by | June 17, 2015
Category: News

The 2015 European Climate Change Adaptation Conference (ECCA) took place in Copenhagen on May 12-15. The conference was attended mostly by academics from European universities (including a few from Asia as well), European Union organizations, medium and large European environmental and climate consultancies, private companies and meteorological institutes. The conference is largely seen as providing a platform for networking. Veronica Olivotto (IHS, Rotterdam) and Mattia Leone (Naples University, Italy) presented insights from Chapter 12 on Housing and Informal Settlements from the upcoming ARC3-2 Assessment on Cities and Climate Change.


The authors provided reflections on the linkages between housing and climate change, making examples of the options and processes for adaptation and mitigation in the housing sector a different decision making levels (e.g. household, community and city) and in both low and middle income countries as well as high income nations. The presentation was part of the session called “Integrating adaptation and mitigation strategies in urban areas: The UCCRN Assessment Report on Climate Change and Cities”, therefore it also included reflections on and examples of the types of co-benefits between mitigation measures, urban development and adaptation (mostly related to health improvements, energy savings, access to dignified housing and quality of public space).


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