UCCRN Launches First Regional Hub in Paris

by | July 16, 2015
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The Urban Climate Change Research Network (UCCRN) first Regional Hub was launched in Paris, on Thursday July 9, in partnership with the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, the Pierre and Marie Curie University, and l’Atelier International du Grand Paris, to strengthen a European network of scholars and stakeholders dedicated to the study of climate change and cities. The launch event took place at a side-event accredited by the UNESCO conference Our Common Future Under Climate Change. Approximately 100 people attended the launch, which included a roundtable discussion on Urban Transitions in the Face of Climate Change.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt is exciting to bring UCCRN in closer contact with the people on the ground who are studying climate change in urban systems and implementing solutions at the city-scale. Through the UCCRN Regional Hubs, UCCRN and our partner organizations are focusing on how to apply the most current urban climate science knowledge and research to climate change adaptation and mitigation in cities.”, said UCCRN Co-Director, Cynthia Rosenzweig who spoke on the panel with UCCRN Members Patricia Romero-Lankao, National Centre for Atmospheric Research; Timon McPhearson, Tishman Environment and Design Center at The New School; and Jeffrey Raven, Architect and Director, Graduate Program in Urban and Regional Design, New York Institute of Technology. The session addressed the architecture and urbanism of ecological transition. Representatives from the City of Paris, the International Workshop of Greater Paris, the Paris Climate Agency, the Caisse des dépôts et consignations, the Paris Research Consortium Climate-Environment-Society, the CNRS, and the Pierre and Marie Curie University also contributed to the discussion.


Part of the team behind the UCCRN European Hub Launch!

The overall aim of UCCRN is to ensure ever-deeper generation of knowledge related to climate change and cities while simultaneously facilitating increased response capacity within cities themselves. The UCCRN Regional Hubs, starting with the European Hub in Paris will enable enhanced opportunities for knowledge sharing and collaboration between urban stakeholders, practitioners, and scientists. The heart of UCCRN is its world-class researchers who are knowledge- and information-generators from universities, think tanks, and expert groups around the world. They span a broad range of expertise including climate scientists; urban heat island and air quality experts; climate change impact scientists; social scientists, including political scientists and economists; urban designers and planners; among others.

Building on the success of the past few years, UCCRN’s goal is to transition from a report-focused organization to one that leads an on-going, sustained global city-focused assessment and solutions program, to provide cities with the knowledge they need to effectively respond to climate change. The UCCRN Regional Hubs provide more geographically-targeted information and support for locl researchers and practitioners, who will be recruited from local universities and research institutes in the regions.

With the official establishment of the first UCCRN Regional Hub in Paris, to represent the European Region, the UCCRN will be launching additional sites around the world for complete continental representation. The UCCRN will be launching a Latin America Hub in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in partnership with Oswaldo Cruz Institute, FIOCRUZ, and an African Hub in Durban, South Africa in October 2015.


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