UCCRN Latin American Hub Hosts Cities+Health Conference

by | April 1, 2016
Categories: Events, News

In March 2016, UCCRN Latin American hub, located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, hosted a Cities + Health conference, focusing on public health issues faced by South American cities considering the effects of climate change.

Hosted in conjunction with the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (FIOCRUZ), a biomedical research and development group, the conference covered a host of issues likely to remain pressing public health issues in a changing climate; in particular, sessions covered heat waves and urban infrastructure (including water and waste systems). Also covered were more specific issues, including aging populations, poverty, and impact of the Zika virus.

The UCCRN Latin American hub is directed by Martha Barata and operates with support from FIOCRUZ. To learn more about the Latin American hub, visit our Hubs page.

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