ARC3.2 launched at Habitat III in Ecuador

by | October 20, 2016
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UCCRN is at Habitat III in Ecuador, hosting the official launch of its Second Assessment Report on Climate Change and Cities (ARC3.2), published by Cambridge University Press. Authored by over 350 individuals, it is the second in an ongoing series of global, interdisciplinary, cross-regional, science-based assessments to address climate risks, adaptation, mitigation, and policy mechanisms relevant to cities.

Habitat III, The United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development, is taking place in Quito, Ecuador from 17-20 October 2016. Held once every two decades, it aims to foster a dialogue between national and local policy leaders and scientists regarding key climate action areas, and to simultaneously present state-of-the-science knowledge on how cities are responding to climate change, defining emerging opportunities and challenges to the effective placement of this knowledge in the hands of local stakeholders and decision-makers.

The ARC3.2 launch presentation will include key scientific findings from urban climate change scholars, including the latest climate projections for 100 cities. It will highlight emerging knowledge from 12 ARC3.2 chapters including Equity and Environmental Justice; Disasters and Risk in Cities; and Economics, Finance, and the Private Sector. ARC3.2 also contains over 100 City Case Studies, showcasing how they are building resilience in urban areas, so that cities can learn from one another.

UCCRN will also present the knowledge-generating processes and evolving next steps for the UCCRN Regional Hubs in Europe, Latin America, Australia, Africa, and Asia. The rationale for the discussion will be to identify methods and approaches to further foster the development of climate change action in cities, and knowledge and information that will be useful for cities, in both the developing and developed country context.

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