ARC3.2 Co-Editor Shobhakar Dhakal Calls For Building Smarter Cities To Cut Emissions

by | December 9, 2016
Categories: In the Press, News

As part of EconoTimes’ Climate Change Series, ARC3.2 Co-Editor Shobhakar Dhakal Shobhakar Dhakal sheds light on how we can cut emissions by half by 2040 and limit warming to 1.5°C through building smarter cities.

Cities are key to stopping drastic climate change, and yet future population growth is forecasted to occur almost entirely in cities, especially in China and India, where their planned infrastructure needs are unprecedented.

The design of climate-smart infrastructure and building and refurbishment of existing infrastructure in today’s cities are key to cutting future emissions. Furthermore, governments must move away from their focus on megacities, and pay more attention to building proper capacity in mid and small sized cities to effectively address climate change.

Read the full article here.

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