UCCRN Members Speak at AIA Event

by | June 9, 2017
Categories: Events, News

On 8 June, UCCRN Co-Director Cynthia Rosenzweig delivered a keynote speech at Climate Change in NYC: Bridging Science and Practice, an event hosted by the American Institute of Architects. The event host and Coordinating Lead Author of the Urban Planning and Design Chapter (Chapter 5) of ARC3.2, Jeffrey Raven, also spoke about his work for the report.

The event focused on climate change mitigation and social resiliency in urban design, with a focus on the unique climate impacts New York City will face from increased average temperature and sea level. The UCCRN represented the science team of the event panel, helping the audience better understand the evidence-based climate risks New York City will face in the next 50 years and how conventional urban planning and design will have to adapt to these challenges. The panel also included presentations from an urban design team, respondents, and policymakers. Full information on the event can be found here.

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