UCCRN ARC3.2 Case Studies

UCCRN is committed to linking knowledge to action with the beta launch of the Case Study Docking Station (CSDS). As a part of the UCCRN Second Assessment Report on Climate Change and Cities (ARC3.2), we developed the CSDS to inform both research and practice on climate change and cities. The goal is to enable comparisons across a range of social, biophysical, cultural, economic, and political contexts.

The over 100 case studies included in the ARC3.2 CSDS cover topics such as vulnerability, hazards and impacts, mitigation and adaptation actions, and sector-specific themes such as wastewater and flood management. This database builds upon the first ARC3 report which included 46 case studies.

The ARC3.2 CSDS can be accessed on our website here: Case Study Docking Station. Additionally, you can view the city data on a world map here: Case Study Map.

If you are interested in submitting a Case Study on climate change action in cities to our Case Study Docking Station, see guidelines and instructions here: Call for Case Studies