Anthony Bigio


Washington, D.C., USA – North America

Anthony Gad Bigio is an Urban Advisor with over thirty years of experience of urban development projects across the world. Having retired from the World Bank in June 2013 after a nearly 20-years career as a Senior Urban Specialist, he is now a Professor at the George Washington University graduate program on Sustainable Urban Planning, with specific responsibility for courses on urban resilience and low-carbon cities.

He is also a Lead Author for the IPCC, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, contributing to the chapter on urban planning and carbon emissions of its forthcoming Fifth Assessment Report, and a reviewer of the chapter on urban impacts of climate change. He is a member of the Scientific Committees of New York based UCCRN (Urban Climate Change Research Network) and of the Italian Society for Climate Science (SISC).

In 2009-2011, he directed a regional study on the vulnerability and adaptation of coastal cities in North Africa to climate change and natural disasters, focused on Alexandria, Casablanca and Tunis, and on the Bouregreg Valley of Morocco. He has managed investment projects, studies and programs in the areas of cities and climate change, historic city rehabilitation, post-disaster urban reconstruction, housing supply and housing finance policy reforms, slum upgrading, urban poverty reduction, and urban air quality management in Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and North Africa