Martha Barata

097marthabarataRio de Janeiro, Brazil – Latin America

Martha Barata acts as strategic advisor for the Institute Oswaldo Cruz (IOC/Fiocruz). The Institute of Oswaldo Cruz is a scientific institution based in the City of Rio de Janerio famous for its research and development in biomedical sciences. It is considered one of the world’s main public health research institutions. As key expert in Environmental Economics, Martha originally implemented and coordinated the internal commission for the environmental management of the institute.  Martha is also a member of the Urban Climate Change Research Network at Columbia University where she is responsible for coordinating the research group on climate change and the
impact it has on urban health. Out of the many topics Martha researches and teaches climate change adaptation and vulnerability assessment have come to her interest. In recent years she has investigated the impact of climate change on socio-environmental spaces, with particular emphasis on urban health. Martha has also contributed to Global Environmental Outlook 5, a journal produced by the United Nations on the Environment, where she wrote a chapter on the effects of climate change on the Latin American region.