Richenda Connell

Oxford, UK – Europe

Richenda ConnellRichenda Connell is the Chief Technical Officer and Co-founder of Acclimatise, a specialist risk management company bridging the gap between the latest scientific developments and real world decision-making. She manages the development of their products and services, ensuring that the company remains at the cutting-edge of best practice in climate risk management. Dr. Connell has 15 years of expertise working at the interface between decision-making and scientific issues, on climate change, air pollution and environmental impact assessment. She was formerly Technical Director at the UK Climate Impacts Programme, where she co-developed the world’s first web-based climate adaptation tool and the UKCIP climate risk management framework, now recommended in UN and World Bank guidance. She has also helped several hundred UK public and private sector organizations assess and manage their climate risks. She holds a doctorate in atmospheric chemistry from Oxford University.